Man pages for clemenshaerder/fepsfrontieR
Estimation of fixed-effect panel stochastic frontier models by MLE

fepsfrontieREstimating Fixed-Effects Panel Stochastic Frontier Models
panelgdpStochastic Frontier Model of the GDP of countries
plot.sfmfepPlot of the Inefficencys
print.sfmfepPrint Output for sfmfep
SFM.alphaAlpha (fixed-effects) Recovery
SFM.bootstrapSFM.bootstrap performs estimation with B Individual Bootstrap...
SFM.CIConfidence Intervals for Estimates by MLE
sfm.dataRandomly generated fixed-effects panel stochastic frontier...
sfmfepFixed-Effect Stochastic Frontier Model Estimation for Panel...
SFM.firstDiffFirst Differnces Transformation of a Stochastic Frontier...
SFM.generateData Generation for Stochastic Frontier Models
SFM.inindexInefficiency Index of the Stochastic Frontier Model
SFM.withinWithin Transformation of a Stochastic Frontier Model
summary.sfmfepSummarizes a sfmfep fitted model
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