Man pages for clemlaflemme/test
Methods in Structural Reliability

AKMCSActive learning reliability method combining Kriging and...
BMPBayesian Moving Particles
cantileverA function calculating the deviation of a cantilever beam.
ComputeDistributionParameterCompute internal parameters and moments for univariate...
FORMFirst-order reliability method
FORMv0FORM method (old version)
generateKGenerate Standard Gaussian samples with a Gaussian transiiton...
IRWIncreasing Randow Walk
kiureghianA limit-state-function defined by Der Kiureghian
LSVMLinear Support Vector Machine under monotonicity constraints
MetaISMetamodel based Impotance Sampling
MetropolisHastingsThe modified Metropolis-Hastings algorithm
Mistral-packageMethods In Structural Reliability Analysis
modelLSVMEstimation of the parameters of the LSVM
ModifCorrMatrixModification of a correlation matrix to use in UtoX
MonotonicQuantileEstimationQuantile estimation under monotonicity constraints
MonteCarloCrude Monte Carlo method
MPMoving Particles
MRMMRM method
okClass of Ordinary Kriging
oscillator_d6A limit-state-function defined with a non-linear oscillator...
plotLSVMplot of LSVM
quantileWilksComputing quantiles with the Wilks formula
rackwitzA limit-state-function defined by Rackwitz
S2MARTSubset by Support vector Margin Algorithm for Reliability...
SMARTSupport-vector Margin Algoritm for Reliability esTimation
SubsetSimulationSubset Simulation Monte Carlo
testConvexityTest the convexity of set of data
twodofA limit-state-function defined with a two degrees of freedom...
updateLSVMUpdate LSVM classifier
UtoXIso-probabilistic transformation from U space to X space
waartsA limit-state-function defined by Waarts
WilksFormulaSample size by Wilks formula
XtoUFrom X to standard space
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