Welcome to the CLESSN's package where all our functions are "supposedly" stored. The package is still under construction. Therefore, it is important to make sure to use the right branch. You are now on the master branch, which is the last working version of the package. If you want to access newer functions, you may go look at branch v2. Here's how :

On GitHub

  1. See the master button a bit up left, right under the <> Code button? Click on it.
  2. You are now able to switch from branch to branch on GitHub.
  3. This allows you to look at the code and copy paste what you want.
  4. There are interesting information in V2's readMe

On your terminal

  1. After cloning the repository, you'll see the master branch on your computer.
  2. To change branches, it easy, just do :
    • git branch to see where you are
    • git checkout name-of-branch to switch to the right branch
  3. Now you can contribute to V2, but PLEASE read its readMe before. Otherwise I'll cut you.
  4. Seriously, check out number 3.

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