Man pages for cloudyr/crowdflower
R Client for the CrowdFlower API

cf_accountRetrieve account information
cf_jobs_listRetrieve list of all jobs
cf_queryExecute a Crowdflower API call
channelsGet and set job channels
crowdflower-packagecrowdflower: R Client for the CrowdFlower API
crowdflower_r6Crowdflower Job R6 Class
job_add_dataUploads data to a CrowdFlower Job
job_channel_listList available channels
job_contributor_flagFlag/unflag/reject Contributors
job_convert_goldConvert uploaded gold for a job
job_copyCopy a job and, optionally, its data to a new job ID.
job_createCreates a new job
job_deleteDelete a single job
job_getGet a single job
job_launchControl a job
job_legend_getGet Job Legend
job_statusRetrieve the status of a job
job_updateUpdates job settings.
notifyContact Contributors
report_getGenerate and retrieve job results
results_getRetrieve rows with judgment information for a job.
tagsGet and set job tags
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