Man pages for cluoma/haloR
Access Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2 API

h5_CampaignMissionsGet campaign missions metadata
h5_CommendationsGet commendation metadata
h5_CsrDesignationsGet CSR designations metadata
h5_EnemiesGet enemies metadata
h5_EventStatsGet event stats for a match
h5_FlexibleStatsGet flexible stats metadata
h5_GameBaseVariantsGet game base variants metadata
h5_GameVariantsGet game variants metadata
h5_ImpulsesGet impulses metadata
h5_LeaderboardGet CSR leaderboards for playlists
h5_MapsGet maps metadata
h5_MapVariantsGet map variants metadata
h5_MedalsGet medals metadata
h5_PlayerGameVariantGet information about a player-created game variant
h5_PlayerGameVariantsGet a list of game variants created by a player
h5_PlayerMapVariantGet information about a player-created map variant
h5_PlayerMapVariantsGet a list of map variants created by a player
h5_PlaylistsGet playlists metadata
h5_PostCarnageGet post-carnage report for given mode and match
h5_ProfileEmblemGet spartan profile emblem image
h5_ProfileSpartanGet spartan profile spartan image
h5_RecentMatchesGet a player's most recent matches
h5_RequisitionPacksGet Requisition packs metadata
h5_RequisitionsGet requisitions metadata
h5_SeasonsGet seasons metadata
h5_ServiceRecordGet spartan service record for a given mode
h5_SkullsGet skulls metadata
h5_SpartanRanksGet spartan ranks metadata
h5_TeamColorsGet team colours metadata
h5_VehiclesGet vehicles metadata
h5_WeaponsGet weapons metadata
hw2_CampaignLevelsGet a list of campaign levels
hw2_CampaignLogsGet a list of campaign logs
hw2_CardKeywordsGet a list of card keywords
hw2_CardsGet a list of cards
hw2_CsrDesignationsGet a list of CSR designations
hw2_DifficultiesGet a list of difficulties
hw2_GameObjectCategoriesGet a list of game object categories
hw2_GameObjectsGet a list of game objects
hw2_LeaderPowersGet a list of leader powers
hw2_LeadersGet a list of leaders
hw2_MapsGet a list of maps
hw2_MatchEventsGet all events for a single match
hw2_MatchResultGet match summary for a single match
hw2_PacksGet a list of packs
hw2_PlayerCampaignProgressGet a player's campaign progress
hw2_PlayerMatchHistoryGet a player's match history matchType can be 'custom' or...
hw2_PlayerPlaylistRatingsGet a player's playlist ratings
hw2_PlayerSeasonStatsGet a player's season stats summary
hw2_PlayerStatsGet a player's summary stats
hw2_PlayersXpGet players XP
hw2_PlaylistsGet a list of playlists
hw2_SeasonsGet a list of seasons
hw2_SpartanRanksGet a list of spartan ranks
hw2_TechsGet a list of techs
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