Man pages for cmann3/recon
Useful Functions for Economists

DDifference of a Time Series
fredDownload Federal Reserve Data
fredSearchSearch Federal Reserve Data
freqConvert to Specific Frequency
GGrowth Rate of a Time Series
helloHello, World!
LLag of a Time Series
lnDLog Difference of a Time Series
printDatePretty Print Dates
pwtExtract PWT 9.0 Data
pwt9Penn World Tables 9.0
pwtcountriesPenn World Tables 9.0 Countries
pwtCountryPWT 9.0 Country Names
pwtseriesPWT 9.0 Series Names
repCharRepeat Character in String
splotScatter Plot Time Series
sPlotScatter Plot Time Series
TablePretty Print Data
tplotPlot Time Series
tPlotPlot Time Series
transTransform Data
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