New Zealand Census Meshblock Data

A package which provides tidied up versions of the datasets that form the Census meshblock dataset downloadable from the Statistics New Zealand website via:

2013 Census meshblock dataset – CSV files


if (!require('devtools')) install.packages('devtools')


The package provides the following datasets:

They can be accessed by name once the package has been loaded, or else via the data function. The datasets themselves are of type data.table, but the data.table package is not required.

To provide an idea of how the datasets are arranged, we include screenshots of datadictionary and dwelling:

knitr::kable(head(datadictionary), format = "markdown")

|name |type |subtype |variable |outcome |notes | |:-----|:--------|:--------|:-------------------------------------------|:---------------------------------------------------------------------|:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |V0001 |dwelling |dwelling |Occupied private dwelling type |Separate House | | |V0002 |dwelling |dwelling |Occupied private dwelling type |Two or More Flats/Units/Townhouses/ Apartments/Houses Joined Together | | |V0003 |dwelling |dwelling |Occupied private dwelling type |Other Occupied Private Dwellings |Consists of mobile and improvised dwellings roofless or rough sleepers and dwellings in a motor camp. In 2001 this category was called Temporary Private Dwellings. | |V0004 |dwelling |dwelling |Occupied private dwelling type |Occupied Private Dwelling Not Further Defined | | |V0005 |dwelling |dwelling |Occupied private dwelling type |Total occupied private dwellings | | |V0006 |dwelling |dwelling |Dwelling record type for occupied dwellings |Occupied Private Dwelling | |

knitr::kable(head(dwelling)[,1:10], format = "markdown")

|geography |code |description | year| V0001| V0002| V0003| V0004| V0005| V0006| |:---------|:-------|:-----------|----:|-----:|-----:|-----:|-----:|-----:|-----:| |MB |0000100 |NA | 2001| 6| NA| NA| NA| 6| 9| |MB |0000100 |NA | 2006| NA| NA| NA| NA| 0| NA| |MB |0000100 |NA | 2013| NA| NA| NA| NA| 0| NA| |MB |0000200 |NA | 2001| 24| 0| 0| 6| 30| 30| |MB |0000200 |NA | 2006| 24| 0| 0| 3| 24| 27| |MB |0000200 |NA | 2013| 27| 3| 0| 3| 30| 33|


There is a companion package, NZCensusDemos. This package provides web applications written with shiny to showcase the data. It can be installed via:


It currently provides 2 functions: mapdemo and distributiondemo:




This package is licensed to you under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 or later.

Copyright 2013-2015 Chris Hansen.

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