Man pages for coatless/balamuta
Balamuta R Package

accAccuracy of the model
balamuta-packagebalamuta: Balamuta R Package
celsius_to_fahrenheitCelsius to Fahrenheit Conversion
celsius_to_kelvinCelsius to Kelvin Conversion
charAtCharacter at Position i
circle_matrixCreate a circle pattern within a matrix
convert_colsConvert Multiple Columns of a data.frame All at once...
external_graphsChange Default Graphing Device from RStudio
fahrenheit_to_celsiusFahrenheit to Celsius Conversion
fahrenheit_to_kelvinFahrenheit to Kelvin to Conversion
feature_scalingFeature Scaling
floor_and_capFloor and Cap a dataset
get_archSystem Architecture
get_graphic_driverNatural Graphics Driver for Operating System
ggColorEmulate ggplot2 default color palette
is.osCheck for an Operating System
is.rstudioIs R Open in RStudio?
is.wholeInteger Check
kelvin_to_celsiusKelvin to Celsius Conversion
kelvin_to_fahrenheitKelvin to Fahrenheit Conversion
laggedLag Vector Values
mkdirMake Directory
mseMean Squared Error (MSE)
nb2latexExport Data in Scientific Notation to LaTeX
pad_numberPad Numeric Numbers
plot.simdfPlot Simulation Trials
require.osRequire a Specific Operating System
rgb2hexConvert RGB Value to Hexadecimal
rmseRoot Mean Squared Error (RMSE)
shadeShade an RGB value
sim_dfCast Simulation Matrix to Data Frame
study_dfCast Simulation Study Matrices to Data.Frame
tintTint an RGB value
toHexConvert 0-255 to a Hex number
trObtain the Trace of a Square Matrix
url_titleCreate a "safe" url title
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