Man pages for coatless/ghapi3
GitHub v3 API Implementation

add_collaboratorAdd a Collaborator to a Repository
commit_diff_urlView Web Interface Showing Commit Differences
create_tagCreate a Tag
delete_ghWrapper for GitHub client's function
get_collaborator_listList Collaborators
get_contributors_listRetrieve list of contributors for a repo
get_emoji_listList of Emoji Code and Image URLs
get_org_invitationsList Organization Invitations
get_org_members_listRetrieve Membership list in an Organization
get_org_repos_listRetrieve Repositories in an Organization
get_org_team_invitationsList pending team invitations
get_self_repos_listList Self Repos
get_user_repos_listList User Repositories
ghapi3-packageghapi3: GitHub v3 API Implementation
org-invitesCreate Organization Invitations
org_memberInvite, Remove, or Modify User Membership in an Organization
remove_collaboratorRemove a Collaborator from a Repository
repo-creationCreates a Repository in an Organization or User Space
team-listingList teams or retrieve a team's details
team-membershipAdd or update team membership
transfer_repoTransfer a repository
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