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Data Sets and Functions Used in Multivariate Statistics: Old School by John Marden

birthsBirthrates throughout the day in four Hospitals
bothsidesmodelCalculate the least squares estimates
bothsidesmodel.chisquareTest subsets of beta are zero
bothsidesmodel.dfObtain the degrees of freedom for a model.
bothsidesmodel.hotellingTest blocks of beta are zero.
bothsidesmodel.lrtTest subsets of beta are zero.
bothsidesmodel.mleCalculate the maximum likelihood estimates
bsm.fitHelper function to determine beta estimates for MLE...
bsm.simpleHelper function to determine beta estimates for MLE...
caffeineThe Effects of Caffeine
carsAutomobile Data from Consumer Reports
crabsMorphological Measurements on Leptograpsus Crabs
decathlon08Decathlon Event Data from 2008 Olympics.
decathlon12Decathlon Event Data from 2012 Olympics.
electionPresidential Election Data
examsStatistics Students' Scores on Exams
filloutMake a square matrix
histamineHistamine in Dogs
imaxObtain largest value index
ldaLinear Discrimination
leprosyLeprosy Patients
logdetLog Determinant
mouthsMouth Sizes
msos-packagemsos: Data Sets and Functions Used in Multivariate...
negentEstimating negative entropy
negent2DMaximizing negentropy for q = 2 dimensions
negent3DMaximizing negentropy for Q = 3 dimensions
paintersThe Painter's Data of de Piles
pcbicBIC for a particular pattern Find the BIC and MLE from a set...
pcbic.stepwiseChoosing a good pattern
pcbic.subpatternsObtain the best subpattern among the patterns.
pcbic.uniteObtain pattern
predict_qdaQuadratic discrimination prediction
qdaQuadratic discrimination
reverse.kroneckerReverses the matrices in a Kronecker product
SAheartSouth African Hearth Disease Data
silhouette.kmSilhouettes for K-Means Clustering
skullsEgyptian Skulls
softdrinksSoft Drinks
sort_silhouetteSort the silhouettes by group
sportsranksSports ranking
trTrace of a Matrix
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