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Using Travis CI

Append to your .travis.yml

  - covr

  - Rscript -e 'library(covr); codecov()'

Diagnose code coverage update problems (using travis)

If your code coverage badge is not updated you should check the travis log first:

  1. Check that the travis build was successful

The badge must look like this:

  1. Open the travis build log

Click on the travis build badge (picture) to open the build log.

At the end you can see code coverage section:

  1. Open the log details of the code coverage

Click on the small triangle at the left side of "$ Rscript..." to see all log details:

If you do not see

[1] TRUE

there was a problem and you will see the error message here.

If the error message is from the covr package you can try to find the problem by calling covr on your local computer when the package source code is in the current directory with this R command:

covr::package_coverage(type = "tests")

Using Wercker CI

@jimhester wrote a thorough description found here: jimhester/wercker-r-example


See the coverage reports of this repository at

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