Man pages for codymarquart/LSAfun
Applied Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) Functions

asymAsymmetric Similarity functions
breakdownClean up special characters
choose.targetRandom Target Selection
coherenceCoherence of a text
composeTwo-Word Composition
conSIMSimilarity in Context
CosineCompute cosine similarity
costringSentence Comparison
distanceCompute distance
genericSummarySummarize a text
LSAfun-packageComputations based on Latent Semantic Analysis
multicosVector x Vector Comparison
multicostringSentence x Vector Comparison
MultipleChoiceAnswers Multiple Choice Questions
neighborsFind nearest neighbors
normalizeNormalize a vector
oldbooksA collection of five classic books
plausibilityCompute word (or compound) plausibility
plot_neighbors2D- or 3D-Plot of neighbors
plot_wordlist2D- or 3D-Plot of a list of words
PredicationCompute Vector for Predicate-Argument-Expressions
primingSimulated data for a Semantic Priming Experiment
syntestA multiple choice test for synonyms and antonyms
wonderlandLSA Space: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
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