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End-Member Modelling of Grain-Size Data

check.dataCheck correctness and consistency of input data
click.limitsDefine mode limits by mouse clicks.
convert.unitsConvert between phi and micrometers.
create.EMCreate grain-size-distributions.
EMMAEnd-member modelling analysis algorithm.
EMMAgeo-packageEnd-member modelling algorithm and supporting functions for...
EMpotexample data
EMrobexample data
get.lGenerate a vector of weight transformation values from l.min...
get.limitsInfer lower and upper mode position limits to define robust...
get.l.optIdentify optimum weight transformation value
get.qGenerate a parameter matrix with q.min and q.max values for...
interpolate.classesInterpolate data between different classes.
mix.EMFunction to mix sample spectres.
model.EMModel all possible end-member scenarios.
residual.EMCalculate a residual end-member loading.
robust.EMExtract robust end-members
robust.loadingsExtract robust end-member loadings.
robust.scoresExtract robust end-member scores.
test.factorsCalculate the initial cumulative explained variance of...
test.lTest a vector of weight transformation limits for mximum...
test.l.maxFind maximum possible wight transformation value.
test.parametersEvaluate influence of model parameters.
test.robustnessTest model robustness.
Xexample data
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