Man pages for coldfir3/moko
Multi-Objective Kriging Optimization

EHVIEHVI: Constrained Expected Hypervolume Improvement
EIConstrained Expected Emprovement
hEGOHEGO: Efficient Global Optimization Algorithm based on the...
igdIGD: Inverted Generational Distance
max_EHVImax_EHVI: Maximization of the Expected Hypervolume...
max_EImax_EI: Maximization of the Constrained Expected Improvement...
MEGOMEGO: Multi-Objective Efficient Global Optimization Algorithm...
mkmMulti-objective Kriging model
mkm-classA S4 class of multiple Kriging models
mokomoko: Multi-objective Kriging Optimization
nowacki_beamTest function: The Nowacki Beam
nowacki_beam_tpsTrue pareto front for the nowacki beam problem
pdistDistance betwen vector and matrix
predict_frontPredicted Pareto front
predict-mkm-methodPredictor for a multiobjective Kriging model
psCreates a pareto set from given data
radvizPlot a multiresponse or multivariate dataset indo a 2d radViz...
TchebycheffAugmented Tchebycheff function
test_functionsTest functions for optimization
VMPFVMPF: Variance Minimization of the Predicted Front
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