Man pages for coldfir3/surf
Surface and topological analysis for tribology

as.observationstransforms 'imlist' objects into observation dataframes
correlogrambla bla
formForm removal
groundObject for ground surfaces
interpFill the gaps using nearest neighbors
levelLevel a surface
mean.imlistCustom mean for 'imlist' objects
NMINormalized Mutual information estimator
plus-.imlistCustom sum of two 'imlist' objects
pow-.imlistCustom power of two 'imlist' objects
read.surfReads a surface '.txt' file
read.zipReads all surface '.txt' files inside a ".zip" file
registerRegistration based on the NMI criteria
rm.outliersbla bla
sd.imlistCustom sd for 'imlist' objects
slash-.imlistCustom division of two 'imlist' objects
super_resHigh resolution image formation based on low resolution...
surfsurf: Surface and topological analysis for tribology
times-.imlistCustom multiplication of two 'imlist' objects
transformThis function performs a rigid body transformation of a...
write.cimgWrite standard surface '.txt' file
write.imlistWrite a list of standard surface '.txt' file
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