Man pages for coldfir3/suropt
Surogate-based Optimization

build_surmodelBuild an surmodel object
getget: get prediction data of models
nowacki_beamTest function: The Nowacki Beam
predict-surmodel-methodPredictor surogate model
pre_processPre-Processing of models
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sel_funssel_funs: Selection Functions
set_funsset_funs: Setting Functions
surmodel-classThe 'surmodel' class
suroptsuropt: blablabla
test_functionsnowacki_beam_tps' Test functions for optimization
train_hegoTrainer for a surmodel object based on the HEGO algorithm
train_megoTrainer for a surmodel object based on the MEGO algorithm
train_smeTrainer for a surmodel object based on the SME algorithm
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