Man pages for cole-brokamp/CB
Cole Brokamp's Personal Functions

cb_applydeprecated! use mappp instead
CBapplydeprecated! use cb_apply instead
cb_colorsVectors of colors for figures
cchmc_colorAccess CCHMC color palette
date_printPrint the current date in a pretty format
geojoinleft join a data.frame to a spatial data frame
htablehtable Create a quick html table using my favorites options...
ltablehlist Interactive view of list structures with...
mapppa wrapper around purrr::map()
mclapply_pbWrapper around mclapply to track progress
ORGetterRetreive Odds Ratio Table from Logistic GLM Objects
percentpaste a decimal as a pretty percent
pretty_ppretty print a p-value
round_dfround all numeric columns in a data.frame
switchvVectorized version of switch (stolen from @kbroman)
tableSummarySummary Table
tableTestTable Test
theme_cbCustom CB ggplot2 theme
theme_mapggplot2 theme for sf maps
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