Man pages for colin-olito/LoLinR
Local Linear Regression for Estimating Biological Rates From Time-Series & Trace Data

breuschGodfreyBreusch-Godfrey Statistic
BugulaDataO2 consumption data for Bugula neritina
checkEqualLengthCheck for equal lengths
checkNumericCheck if vector is numeric
CormorantDataO2 consumption data - flow-through respirometry for...
getWindowsGet all possible windows
locRegPerform local regression for specified window
outputRankLocRegPlotPlotting 25 best local linear regressions
pcRankCalculate the percentile values of x
PelagicDataO2 production data for pelagic phytoplankton in ponds
plot.rankLocRegPlotting chosen local linear regression
print.summary.rankLocRegWrapper summary for object of class 'rankLocReg'
proportionalLabelPlot text or points according to relative axis position
rankLocRegRanking local linear regressions according to linearity
rankLocReg.defaultRanking local linear regressions according to linearity
reRankRe-rank 'rankLocReg'
roundedRounded numbers for plotting
skewSample skewness
stripNAsRemove NA
summary.rankLocRegSummary for object of class 'rankLocReg'
thinDataThin a large data set
transparentColorCreates transparent colours
UrchinDataO2 consumption data for sea urchins
whiteGridEqually-spaced white lines on plot window
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