Man pages for colinorourke/simpower
Conducts Power Analyses Through Simulation

assertLengthsThis function turns checkLength into an assertion function.
check_lengthAlias of checkLength
checkLengthThis function inspects the lengths of vectors and makes sure...
compute_ssCompute sum of squares around the mean.
create_model_matrixCreate design matrix.
draw_lognormalDraw samples from a lognormal distribution.
draw_negbinomDraw samples from a negative binomial distribution (poisson...
draw_normalThis creates samples from normal distributions under a...
draw_poissonDraw samples from a Poisson distribution.
format_pvalFormat P-values
print.simpowPrint method for 'simpow' object.
simpowersimpower: A package used for conducting power analyses...
summary.simpow'summary' method for 'simpow' class.
test_anovaPerform an ANOVA test on a dataset
test_poisson_lrtLikelihood ratio test for Poisson distribution
test_tPerform a t-test on a Dataset
test_twosample_wilcoxonTwo-sample Wilcoxon rank sum test.
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