Mapping (plotting) functionality for 'stamp' output

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This function maps STAMP output for visual assessment of STAMP events and groupings. Choice of which aspect of the stamp output to be visualized is controlled by passing the column name to the function.


1, by = "LEV1", ...)



output from the stamp function, i.e., a (SpatialPolygonsDataFrame).


tells the function which attribute to visualize, one of "LEV1", "LEV2", "LEV3", "LEV4", or "GROUP"


additional parameters to be passed to the plot function


The function can be used to visualize any of the stamp event designation levels (e.g., "LEV1", "LEV2", "LEV3", "LEV4", or the STAMP groupings (based off of parameter dc in the stamp function).

Value returns a map of the stamp output using the spplot functionality. It implements a pre-defined coloring scheme.

See Also

stamp data("fire1") data("fire2") fire1$ID <- 1:nrow(fire1) fire2$ID <- (max(fire1$ID)+1):(max(fire1$ID) + nrow(fire2)) ch <- stamp(fire1, fire2, dc=1, direction=FALSE, distance=FALSE), "LEV1"), "LEV2"), "LEV3"), "LEV4")

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