Man pages for colinsheppard/colinmisc
Colin's Miscellaneous Functions

average.columnsAverage Columns by Time Interval
average.parallel.helperAverage Parallel Helper a string or vector of strings from CamelCase to...
colinmisc-packageColin's Miscellaneous Functions
do.or.loadFunction that either loads an Rdata file, or saves the result...
hAlias for head.
intdatefstrInteger Date From String
join.onFunction that encapsulates common pre- and post- join...
load.librariesLoad (and Install) Libraries
make.dirMake Directory If Not Already There
my.catAlias for cat with a newline added to end.
ppAlias for paste
roundCRound and Convert to Character String
set.dirSet Working Directory
stackpoly.posnegStack Polygons Positive and Negative
strevalString Evaluate
to.posixAlias for as.POSIXct(strptime(...))
uAlias for unique.
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