Man pages for collinleiber/benchmarkVis
Benchmark result visualisation

aggregation.applyapply aggregation function
check.aggregation.validcheck if the input function is a valid aggregation function
checkColumnNamesCheck the columns of a benchmarkVis compatible data table
checkStructureCheck the structure of a benchmarkVis compatible data table if the input function is a valid list-to-list... if the input function is a valid list-to-value... if the input function is a valid value-to-value...
column.typeget type of values of a column (numeric values, vector or...
createBarPlotCreate a bar plot
createBoxPlotCreate a box plot
createDensityPlotCreate a density plot
createDensityRankPlotCreate a density rank plot
createDualMeasurePlotCreate a Dual Measure plot
createListBoxPlotCreate a list box plot
createListDensityPlotCreate a list density plot
createListDensityRankPlotCreate a list density rank plot
createListDualMeasurePlotCreate a list line plot with a measure on x and y aixs
createListLinePlotCreate a list line plot
createListMeasureMatrixPlotCreate a list measure matrix plot
createListRankMatrixBarPlotCreate a list rank matrix bar plot
createListScatterPlotCreate a list scatter plot
createMeasureMatrixPlotCreate a measure matrix plot
createParallelCoordinatesPlotCreate a parallel coordinates plot
createParameterBoxPlotCreate a parameter box plot
createParameterDensityPlotCreate a parameter density plot
createParameterDualPlotCreate a parameter dual scatter plot
createParameterMeasureMatrixPlotCreate a parameter measure matrix plot
createParameterScatterPlotCreate a parameter scatter plot
createRadarPlotCreate a radar plot
createRankMatrixBarPlotCreate a rank matrix bar plot
createRankPlotCreate a rank plot
createScatterPlotCreate a scatter plot
createSummaryPlotCreate a summary plot
createTuningLinePlotCreate a tuning line plot
csvExportExport a benchmarkVis data table as csv file
csvImportImport a csv file as a benchmarkVis data table
eval.functionevaluate the input function
get.agg.resultget aggregation result
getListsGet all lists
getMainColumnsGet all main columns
getMeasuresGet all measures
getParameterColumnsGet all parameter columns
getParametersGet all parameters of a specified parameter column
getPrettyListMeasureNameGet name of a list measure without "list." prefix
getPrettyMeasureNameGet name of a measure without "measure." prefix
getPrettyPlotListGet list of all possible plots in a readable format: "Type:...
getPrettyPlotNameGet name of a plot in a readable format: "Type: Name"
getTuningsGet all tuning sessions
getValidPlotsGet list of all plots useable with the data table
jsonExportExport a benchmarkVis data table as json file
jsonImportImport a json file as a benchmarkVis data table
large.benchmarkLarge benchmark
listPlotsGet list of all possible plots
listWrappersGet list of all possible wrappers
microbenchmark.examplemicrobenchmark input
ml.exampleExample CSV file
ml.example2Example Json file
mlr.benchmark.examplemlr benchmark input
mlr.tuning.examplemlr tuning input
parser.function.listparse the text input of a list of functions
rbenchmark.examplerbenchmark input
rdsExportExport a benchmarkVis data table as .rds file
rdsImportImport an .rds file as a benchmarkVis data table
runShinyAppStart the shiny app for benchmarkVis package
tableTransformationExportTransform table for export
tableTransformationImportTransform table for import
transformation.applyapply transformation functions
unprettifyPlotNameGet name of a plot in the benchmarkVis format:...
useMicrobenchmarkFileWrapperInsert mlr benchmark RDS file into benchmarkVis application
useMicrobenchmarkWrapperInsert microbenchmark object into benchmarkVis application
useMlrBenchmarkFileWrapperInsert mlr benchmark RDS file into benchmarkVis application
useMlrBenchmarkWrapperInsert mlr benchmark object into benchmarkVis application
useMlrTuningFileWrapperInsert mlr tuning RDS file into benchmarkVis application
useMlrTuningWrapperInsert mlr tuning object into benchmarkVis application
useRbenchmarkFileWrapperInsert rbenchmark RDS file into benchmarkVis application
useRbenchmarkWrapperInsert rbenchmark object into benchmarkVis application
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