Man pages for computational-metabolomics/struct
Statistics in R Using Class-based Templates

as.codeConvert to code
as_data_frameconvert to data.frame
as.DatasetExperimentConvert a SummarizedExperiment to DatasetExperiment
as.DatasetExperiment-SummarizedExperiment-methodConvert a SummarizedExperiment to DatasetExperiment
as.SummarizedExperimentConvert a DatasetExperiment to a SummarizedExperiment
as.SummarizedExperiment-DatasetExperiment-methodConvert a DatasetExperiment to SummarizedExperiment
cash-ontology_list-methodGet/set ontology_list slots
cash-ontology_term-methodGet/set ontology term slots
cash-set-struct_class-methodGet/set parameter or output values
cash-struct_class-methodGet/set parameter or output values
chartConstructor for struct chart objects
chart_exampleexample chart object
chart_nameschart names
citationsCitations for an object
c-ontology_list-methodcatenate ontology_lists
entityget the max value vector length for an entity
entity_statoentity_stato class
enumEnum objects
enum_statoenum_stato class
example_iteratorExample iterator
example_modelExample model
export_datawrite a dataset object to file
iris_DatasetExperimentFisher's Iris data
is_outputVerify output
is_paramVerify parameter
iteratorRun iterator
librariesLibraries for an object
metricCalculate metric
modelmodel class
model_applyApply a model
model_reverseReverse preprocessing
modelsGet/set models of a model_seq
model_seqmodel_seq class
new_structGenerate a 'struct' object from a Class
ontologyOntology for an object
optimiseroptimiser class
output_idsOutput identifiers
output_listoutput list
output_nameoutput name
output_objOutput objects
output_valueoutput values
param_idsParameter identifiers
param_listParameter list
param_nameParameter name
param_objParameter objects
param_valueParameter values
predictModel prediction
predictedPrediction output
predicted_namePredicted output name
preprocessingpreprocessing class
resamplerresampler class
resultIterator result
result_nameget/set output name as prediction output for a model
seq_inSequence input
set_obj_methodupdate method for a struct object
set_obj_showa helper function to update the show method for a struct...
set_struct_objdefine a new struct object
statoget the stato_id for an object
structStRUCT: Statistics in R Using Class Templates
struct_classConstructor for struct_class objects
struct_class-class'struct_class' object definition
struct_DatasetExperimentDatasetExperiment class
struct_templateStRUCT templates
test_metricExample metric
trainTrain a model
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