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Gradient Descent for Regression Tasks

ADADELTAADADELTA Method Learning Function
ADAGRADADAGRAD Method Learning Function
ADAMADADELTA Method Learning Function
AGDAccelerated Gradient Descent (AGD) Method Learning Function
GDGradient Descent (GD) Method Learning Function
gradDescentRDataData set of the package
gradDescentR.learnGradDescent Learning Function
MBGDMini-Batch Gradient Descent (MBGD) Method Learning Function
MGDMomentum Gradient Descent (MGD) Method Learning Function
minmaxDescalingMin-Max Scaling Revert Function
minmaxScalingThe Min-Max Feature Scaling Function
predict.gradDescentRObjectThe gradDescentR prediction stage
predictionPredicting Function for Linear Model
RMSERMSE Calculator Function
RMSPROPADADELTA Method Learning Function
SAGDStochastic Average Gradient Descent (SAGD) Method Learning...
SARAHStochastic Recursive Gradient Algorithm (SARAH) Method...
SARAHPlusStochastic Recursive Gradient Algorithm+ (SARAH+) Method...
SGDStochastic Gradient Descent (SGD) Method Learning Function
splitDataThe Data Spliting Function
SSGDSemi Stochastic Gradient Descent (SSGD) Method Learning...
SVRGStochastic Variance Reduce Gradient (SVRG) Method Learning...
varianceDescalingVariance/Standardization Revert Function
varianceScalingThe Variance/Standardization Feature Scaling Function
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