Man pages for config-i1/smooth
Forecasting Using State Space Models

adamADAM is Augmented Dynamic Adaptive Model
auto.cesComplex Exponential Smoothing Auto
auto.gumAutomatic GUM
auto.msarimaAutomatic Multiple Seasonal ARIMA
auto.ssarimaState Space ARIMA
cesComplex Exponential Smoothing
cmaCentered Moving Average
esExponential Smoothing in SSOE state space model
forecast.smoothForecasting time series using smooth functions
gumGeneralised Univariate Model
isFunctionsSmooth classes checkers
msarimaMultiple Seasonal ARIMA
msdecomposeMultiple seasonal classical decomposition
multicovFunction returns the multiple steps ahead covariance matrix...
oesOccurrence ETS model
oesgOccurrence ETS, general model
ordersFunctions that extract values from the fitted model
plot.smoothPlots for the fit and states
plsPrediction Likelihood Score
refitRefit the model with randomly generated initial parameters...
rmultistepMultiple steps ahead forecast errors
sim.cesSimulate Complex Exponential Smoothing
sim.esSimulate Exponential Smoothing
sim.gumSimulate Generalised Exponential Smoothing
sim.oesSimulate Occurrence Part of ETS model
sim.smaSimulate Simple Moving Average
sim.ssarimaSimulate SSARIMA
smaSimple Moving Average
smoothSmooth package
smoothCombineCombination of forecasts of state space models
sowhatFunction returns the ultimate answer to any question
ssarimaState Space ARIMA
vesVector exponential smoothing
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