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Do things with words

as.docwordExtract a Document by Word Matrix
as.wfmCoerce to a Word Frequency Matrix
as.worddocExtract a Word by Document Matrix
austinaustin: Do things with words
bootstrap.seCompute Bootstrap Standard Errors
classic.wordscoresOld-Style Wordscores
coef.classic.wordscoresShow Wordscores
coef.wordfishExtract Word Parameters
daildataThe Irish No-Confidence debate
demanifGerman Party Manifesto Data
demanif.econEconomics sections of German Party Manifestos
demanif.foreignForeign Policy Sections of German Party Manifestos
demanif.socSocietal sections of German Party Manifestos
docsExtract Document Names
extractwordsPull Words From a List
fitted.wordfishGet Fitted Values from a Wordfish Model
getdocsGet Documents
iebudget2009Irish Budget Debate Data 2009
interestgroupsInterest Groups
is.wfmChecks for Word Frequency Matrix
lbgExample Data
plot.classic.wordscoresPlot a Wordscores Model
plot.coef.wordfishPlot the Word Parameters From a Wordfish Model
plot.wordfishPlot a Wordfish Model
predict.classic.wordscoresPredict New Document Positions
predict.wordfishPredict Method for Wordfish
rescaleRescale Estimated Document Positions
sim.wordfishSimulate data and parameters for a Wordfish model
summary.classic.wordscoresSummarize an Classic Wordscores Model
summary.wordfishSummarize a Wordfish Model
trimTrim a Word Frequency Data
ukmanifUK Manifesto Data
wfmWord Frequency Matrix
wfm2bmrTransform Word Frequency Matrix for BMR/BLR
wfm2ldaTransform Word Frequency Matrix for lda
wordfishEstimate a Wordfish Model
wordfreqjCount Words in Documents
wordmarginWhich margin holds the words
wordsExtract Words
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