Man pages for conjugateprior/twfy
Drive the API for TheyWorkForYou

call_apiCall the API directly
convertURLConvert URL
get_api_keyGet the API key
getBoundaryGet constituency boundary information as KML
getCommentsGet comments left on TheyWorkForYou
getCommitteeGet members of a Parliamentary Select Committee
getConstituenciesGet constituency names
getConstituencyGet information for a constituency
getDebatesGet information about parliamentary debates
getGeometryReturn geometry information for a constituency
getHansardSearch Hansard
getLordGet information about a Lord
getLordsGet information about Lords
getMLAGet information on a Member of the Legislative Assembly...
getMLAsGet information on Members of the Legislative Assembly...
getMPGet information about a Member of Parliament
getMPInfoGet more information about a Member of Parliament
getMPsGet information about Members of Parliament
getMPsInfoGet more information about a Member of Parliament
getMSPGet information on a Member of the Scottish Parliament
getMSPsGet information about Members of the Scottish Parliament
getPersonGet information about a person
getWMSGet written ministerial responses
getWransGet written answers to questions
set_api_keySet the API key
twfytwfy: A package for accessing TheyWorkForYou
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