Man pages for corehunter/corehunter3-r
Multi-Purpose Core Subset Selection

corehunterCore Hunter 3
coreHunterDataInitialize Core Hunter data.
distancesCreate Core Hunter distance data from matrix or file.
evaluateCoreEvaluate a core collection using the specified objective.
exampleDataSmall example dataset with 218 individuals.
genotypesCreate Core Hunter genotype data from data frame, matrix or...
getAlleleFrequenciesGet Allele frequency matrix.
getNormalizationRangesDetermine normalization ranges of all objectives in a...
objectiveCreate Core Hunter objective.
phenotypesCreate Core Hunter phenotype data from data frame or file.
read.autodelimRead delimited file.
sampleCoreSample a core collection.
setRangeSet the normalization range of the given objective.
wrapDataWrap distances, genotypes or phenotypes in Core Hunter data.
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