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Triadic Analysis of Affiliation Networks

affiliation_networkAffiliation network structure
bitriad'bitriad': Triadic analysis of affiliation networks
chicago1960sCorporate interlocks among directors in Chicago.
combinatorial_bijectionsCombinatorial bijections for affiliation network triad...
dualizeTake the dual of an affiliation network
dynamic_anDynamic affiliation network structure
dynamic_triad_closureTriadic closure for dynamic affiliation networks
dynamic_wedgesWedge censuses and closure indicators for dynamic affiliation...
minneapolis1970sInterlocks among corporate philanthropists in Minneapolis-St....
mode_additionAdd actor and event nodes
mode_countsCount the actors and events in an affiliation network
mode_projectionProject an affiliation network onto its actors
modesActor and event node iteration and attribute querying and...
nmt_meetingsNoordin Top meeting attendance network.
nmt_organizationsNoordin Top organization membership network.
prettifyConvenient plotting aesthetics for affiliation networks
project_censusProject a higher-resolution triad census to a...
project_transitivityAffiliation network clustering coefficients
scheduleActors and their shared events
scotland1920sNetworks of interlocking directorates
transitivity_anAffiliation network clustering coefficients
triadAffiliation network triads
triad_censusTriad census for affiliation networks
triad_closureTriad closure for affiliation networks
triad_closure_from_censusGlobal triad closure from a triad census
triad_talliesTriad tallies
wedgesAffiliation network wedges
whigsMembership network of American Whigs.
women_cliqueClique of women connected by event coattendance in Old City.
women_groupGroup of women connected by event coattendance in Old City.
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