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Geometric operations on point clouds

affine_decompositionAffine subspace characterization by linear subspace and...
affine_projectionOrthogonal projection to an affine subspace.
affine_recompositionAffine subspace generation from a point and a linear subspace
axis_coordinatesVariables attached to an axis
barycenterBarycenter of a point cloud.
cloud_decompositionFitted and residual clouds.
cloud_variance_testTest decomposition of cloud variance.
direction_varianceVariance in the direction of a subspace.
distanceDistance between two points.
distancesDistances between pairs of points.
effEffect linear mapping
huyghen_general_testTest general Huyghen's theorem
huyghen_testTest first Huyghen's theorem
inertiaInertia of a point cloud with respect to a reference point.
linear_projectionOrthogonal projection to a linear subspace.
projectionOrthogonal projection to a linear subspace.
projection_testTest barycenter preservation under projection
residual_square_meanThe residual square mean of a subspace.
somVector space endomorphism
TargetTarget example.
tomMeasure space endomorphism
vacVariable covariant linear mapping
varianceVariance of a point cloud.
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