Man pages for courtsbr/esaj
A scraper for all e-SAJ systems

browse_tableBrowse table returned by 'cjpg_table()' or 'cjsg_table()'
cjpg_tableDownload information about some of CJPG's structures
cjsg_tableDownload information about some of CJSG's structures
download_cjpgDownload results of a query on first degree lawsuits filed in...
download_cjsgDownload results of a query on second degree lawsuits filed...
download_cjsg_tjmgTemporary function for downloading TJMG's CJSG queries
download_cpopgDownload first degree lawsuits filed in Brazilian Justice...
download_cposgDownload second degree lawsuits filed in Brazilian Justice...
download_decisionDownload PDFs corresponding to judicial decisions
make_parserCreate a parser skeleton
op-definitionDefinition operator
parse_cjpgParse lawsuits extracted from CJPG query
parse_cjpg_Parse a page of CJPG results
parse_cjpg_lawsuitParse one lawsuit from a CJSG page
parse_cjsgParse lawsuits extracted from CJSG query
parse_cjsg_Parse a page of CJSG results
parse_cjsg_lawsuitParse one lawsuit from a CJSG page
parse_dataParse data
parse_data.cpopgParse data
parse_data.cposgParses data
parse_decisionsParse decisions
parse_decisions.cposgParses decisions
parse_hearingsParse hearings
parse_hearings.cpopgParse hearings
parse_histParse history
parse_hist.cpopgParse history
parse_movsParse movements
parse_movs.cpopgParse movements
parse_movs.cposgParses movements
parse_partsParse parts
parse_parts.cpopgParse parts
parse_parts.cposgParses parts
parse_pdParse police department
parse_pd.cpopgParse police department
peek_cjpgCheck how long a call to 'download_cjpg()' will probably take
peek_cjsgCheck how long a call to 'download_cjsg()' will probably take
pipePipe operator
run_parserRun a parser
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