Man pages for crowding/nse
A Clean API for Lazy and Non-Standard Evaluation

argCapture lazy variables as quotations.
as.dotsConvert items into quotations or dots.
callerFind the caller of a given environment.
compatCompatibility conversions.
doMaking function calls, with full control of argument scope.
dotsDots objects: lists of quotations.
dots2envMake or update an environment with bindings from a dots list.
env2dotsCopy bindings from an environment into a dots object, or vice...
forcedForcing and forcedness of arguments and quotations.
formatFormatting methods for dots and quotations.
function_Explicitly create closures.
get_callGet information about currently executing calls.
get_dotsSet or get the contents of '...'.
locateFind the environment which defines a name.
missing_valueR's missing value.
quoQuotation objects.
shortcutGet information about currently bound arguments.
unwrapUnwrap variable references.
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