Man pages for crp2a/gamma
Dose Rate Estimation from In-Situ Gamma-Ray Spectrometry Measurements

AIX_NaI_1CEREGE Calibration Curve (NaI)
baselineBaseline Estimation and Removal
Baseline-classAn S4 Class to Represent a Spectrum Baseline
BDX_LaBr_1CRP2A Calibration Curve (LaBr #1)
CalibrationCurve-classAn S4 class to Represent a Dose Rate Calibration Curve
clermontClermont Reference Data
decayNuclear Decay Data
decay_LaLanthanum Decay Data
doserateDose Rate Estimation
energyEnergy Scale Calibration
gamma-packagegamma: Dose Rate Estimation from In-Situ Gamma-Ray...
GammaSpectra-classAn S4 Class to Represent a Collection of Gamma Sectra
GammaSpectrum-classAn S4 Class to Represent a Gamma Sectrum
integrateSignal Integration
mutatorGet or Set Parts of an Object
operatorCommon Operations on Matrix Objects
PeakPosition-classAn S4 Class to Represent a Set of Peaks
readData Input
sliceChoose Chanels by Position
stabilizeTransform Intensities
subsetExtract or Replace Parts of an Object
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