Man pages for crubba/htmltab
Assemble Data Frames from HTML Tables

check_typeProduce the table node
create_inbodyReshape in table header information into wide format
eval_bodyEvaluate and deparse the body argument
eval_headerEvaluate and deparse the header argument
get_body_xpathReturn body xpath
get_cell_elementExtracts cells elements
get_header_elementsExtracts header elements
get_head_xpathReturn header xpath
get_spanExtracts rowspan information
get_trindexReturn trindex given an XPath
htmltabAssemble a data frame from HTML table data
identify_elementsAssemble XPath expressions for header and body
normalize_trNormalizes rows to be nested in tr tags, header in thead,...
num_xpathnum_xpath: Generate numeric XPath expression
rm_empty_colsRemove columns which do not have data values
rm_empty_rowsRemove rows which do not have data values
rm_nuisanceRemove nuisance elements from the the table code
select_tabSelects the table from the HTML Code
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