Man pages for crubba/tisch
Another Table Generator for LaTeX Documents

browsersharesBrowser shares
dotsEvaluate dots
fixed_widthColumn Width
fullFull row
grapes-str-grapesPaste two stringr
hierarchicalHierarchical column style
list_getExtracts elements from a list based on index
looseLoose row
multicol_headerCreate multicolumn TeX headers
num_col_indexGetting index asd
pastedPasted column style
print.tischoutPrinting method for tisch code
print.tisch_outPrinting method for tisch code
raggedCreates a ragged row style
reorder_dfReorder the df
spannedCreate a spanend row style
split_strSplit vars
strtrimTrim strings
strtrim2Trim strings
theme_baseBasic table theme
theme_nytNew york times table theme
tischCreate a new tisch object tisch initializes a new tisch...
tisch-packageWhat the package does (short line) ~~ package title ~~
to_htmlConverts a tischbase object to HTML output
to_texConverts a tisch object to LaTeX output
write_tischWrite the tisch object to the file system
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