Man pages for csgillespie/poweRlaw
Analysis of Heavy Tailed Distributions

bootstrap_mobyExample bootstrap results for the full Moby Dick data set
compare_distributionsVuong's test for non-nested models
displHeavy-tailed distributions
dist_cdf-methodsThe cumulative distribution function (cdf)
dist_data_cdf-methodsThe data cumulative distribution function
dist_ll-methodsThe log-likelihood function
dist_pdf-methodsThe probability density function (pdf)
dist_rand-methodsRandom number generation for the distribution objects
dplconThe continuous power-law distribution
dpldisDiscrete power-law distribution
estimate_parsEstimates the distributions using mle.
estimate_xminEstimating the lower bound (xmin)
get_KS_statistic-deprecatedDeprecated function
get_nSample size
get_ntailValues greater than or equal to xmin
mobyMoby Dick word count
native_americanCasualties in the American Indian Wars (1776 and 1890)
plot.bs_xminPlot methods for bootstrap objects
plot-distribution-ANY-methodGeneric plotting functions
populationCity boundaries and the universality of scaling laws
poweRlaw-packageThe poweRlaw package
show-distribution-methodGeneric show method for distribution objects
swiss_protWord frequency in the Swiss-Prot database
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