Man pages for csgillespie/voltagefit
Voltage Curve Fitting

add_forward_backwardDetermine forward/backward curve
area_between_curvesArea between curves cost function
curve_4BARO4BARO model voltage curve
curve_4PL4PL model voltage curve
curve_5BARO5BARO model voltage curve
curve_5PL5PL model voltage curve
curve_diff_meanCurve differences
curve_piecewisePiecewise power model voltage curve
curve_powerPiecewise power model voltage curve
curve_tanhTanh model voltage curve
fit_manovaPerform MANOVA analysis using fitted curves
fit_waferFit curves to a wafer
get_paramsCalculate curve parameters for each week
interp_residualsInterpolated residuals cost function
plot_fitPlot fitted voltage curve and wafer curves
sampleSample underlying curves
wafer3737Voltage results from a single wafer
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