Reference dataset for the SuessR Package

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A dataset containing the information used by SuessR to calculate regional Suess and Laws corrections for δ13C from marine organisms.




A data frame with 680 rows and 8 variables:


calendar year, 1850-2020


geographic region, Aleutians, Bering, Gulf of Alaska, or Subpolar North Pacific


average cell radius of phytoplankton community, in microns


yearly average sea surface temperature, in degrees C


yearly average sea surface salinity, in practical salinity units


yearly average global atmospheric CO2 concentrations, in parts per million


regional uptake constant for Suess correction, unitless


Proportional change constant of oceanic/atmospheric CO2 (regional), a proportion



Clark, C.T., M.R. Cape, M.D. Shapley, F.J. Mueter, B.P. Finney, and N. Misarti. (In Prep) SuessR: Regional Suess and Laws corrections for δ13C from marine organisms.

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