Man pages for cttobin/ggthemr
Themes for ggplot2

align_title_leftAlign title left
align_title_rightAlign title right
colour_plotPlot colours
darken_gradientMake ggthemr gradient darker
darken_paletteMake ggthemr palette darker
darken_swatchMake ggthemr swatch darker
define_paletteCreate ggthemr palette
define_swatchCreate a ggthemr_swatch object
get_themrGet Current Theme
ggthemrStyle ggplot2
ggthemr_currentStore Theme
ggthemr_resetReset Theme
is_colourIs an object a valid colour?
is_ggthemrIs a ggthemr object
legend_positionggplot2 Legend Position
lighten_gradientMake ggthemr gradient lighter
lighten_paletteMake ggthemr palette lighter
lighten_swatchMake ggthemr swatch lighter
move_legendMove legend.
no_axesRemove ggplot2 Axes
no_axes_titlesRemove ggplot2 axes titles
no_gridlinesRemove all gridlines
no_legendRemove ggplot2 Legend
no_legend_titleRemove ggplot2 Legend Title
no_major_gridlinesRemove major gridlines
no_major_x_gridlinesRemove major x gridlines
no_major_y_gridlinesRemove major y gridlines
no_minor_gridlinesRemove minor gridlines
no_minor_x_gridlinesRemove minor x gridlines
no_minor_y_gridlinesRemove minor y gridlines
no_ticksRemove ggplot2 tick marks
no_titleRemove ggplot2 title
no_x_axisRemove ggplot2 x-axis
no_x_gridlinesRemove vertical gridlines.
no_x_lineRemove ggplot2 x-axis line
no_x_textRemove ggplot2 x-axis text/labels
no_x_ticksRemove ggplot2 x-axis tick marks
no_x_titleRemove ggplot2 x-axis titles
no_y_axisRemove ggplot2 y-axis
no_y_gridlinesRemove horizontal gridlines.
no_y_lineRemove ggplot2 y-axis line
no_y_textRemove ggplot2 y-axis text/labels
no_y_ticksRemove ggplot2 y-axis tick marks
no_y_titleRemove ggplot2 y-axis titles
plot.ggthemrCreate colour plot of ggthemr palette
plot.ggthemr_paletteCreate colour plot of ggthemr palette
plot.ggthemr_swatchCreate colour plot of ggthemr swatch
random_swatch_colourRandom swatch colour
reverse_gradientReverse ggthemr gradient colours
rotate_axes_textRotate ggplot2 axes labels
rotate_x_textRotate ggplot2 x-axis labels
rotate_y_textRotate ggplot2 x-axis labels
set_swatchChange the swatch colours in a ggthemr theme
set_themrSet Current Theme
shuffle_swatchShuffle ggthemr swatch colours
swatchRetrieve the swatch colours from a ggthemr object
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