Man pages for cuihaibo1/DRWPClass

calSAMScoreCalculate SAM score
caltScoreCalculate tScore.
dGMGraphThe global directed gene-metabolite pathway graph.
DRWDirected Random Walk
DRWPClass-GM-packageThe DRW-GM method for disease classification
evaluate.DRWPClassGMEvaluate predictions from a "DRWPClassGM" object.
fit.DRWPClassGMTrain a classifier using DRW-GM
fitModelFitting model
fitModelGreedyFitting model using a greedy search
getMetaWeightcalculating the weights of metabolites.
getPathActivityinferring pathway activity
getW0_GMcalculating the weights of genes and metabolites
GProf3325Gene expression data from GSE3325.
GProf8511Gene expression data from GSE8511.
MProfMetabolomic data
pathSetPathway set.
predict.DRWPClassGMMake predictions from a "DRWPClassGM" object.
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