Man pages for curtisalexander/CRAmisc
Curtis Miscellaneous

check_installCheck and install packages.
chunked_pmapApply a function to each row of a database result set.
convert_colsConvert dataframe column types.
df_diffTest how dataframes are the same / different.
duplicate_keysFind duplicate keys in a dataframe.
exact_colsList exact names of columns.
expandingListFast expanding list.
freqOne-way frequency table.
is_linuxIs Linux.
is_os_Generate OS check.
is_osxIs OSX.
is_windowsIs Windows.
match_colsMatch column name.
pipePipe operator.
pkgs_dfPackages Dataframe.
pmatchesPerl Matches.
prior_installInstall prior version of a package.
spec_from_dfCreate a cols specification from a dataframe.
spec_to_dfCreate a dataframe from a cols specification.
spec_updateUpdate a readr column specification.
sql_list_Create sql_list_xyz functions.
sql_list_schemasList schemas.
sql_list_sql_Generate SQL query.
sql_list_tblsList tables.
sql_list_tvsList tables and views.
sql_list_viewsList views.
types_dfColumn names and types in a dataframe.
unzip_dirUnzip all files in a directory.
xml_extractXML Extract.
xml_get_attrGet XML Attribute.
xml_get_textGet XML Text.
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