Man pages for cvitolo/curvenumber
An implementation of the USDA Soil Conservation Service Curve Number method

CalculateCNCalculate the Curve Number from P and Q
ClipMapClip map over a polygon and (re)calculate areas.
CNlookupTableData set: CNlookupTable
curvenumbercurvenumber: an implementation of the USDA Soil Conservation...
DirectStormRunoffCalculate the direct storm runoff (Q) from P and CN
EmpiricalBFICalculates Base Flow Index from time series data
EmpiricalCNCalculate the Curve Number from time series data (P and Q)
FindPeventsFind precipitation events
FindQeventsFind discharge events
FlowSeparationSeparate Baseflow and Surface runoff
HOST2USDAMap HOST classes into USDA classes
HOSTband2classMap raster band values into HOST classes
MakeLoopkupTableGenerate a lookup table for soil, vegetation and hydrological...
PercentageCoverageSoilClassesPercentage coverage of soil classes.
PlotEventsPlot PQ events
PlynlimonSOILData set: PlynlimonSOIL
PlynlimonSOILdominantData set: PlynlimonSOILdominant
PlynlimonTableData set: PlynlimonTable
PlynlimonVEGData set: PlynlimonVEG
PlynlimonVegSoilTableData set: PlynlimonVegSoilTable
RegionalisedBFICalculate regionalised Base Flow Index (BFI) from percentages...
RegionalisedBFIdominantCalculate Base Flow Index (BFI) map from soil (HOST) map
RegionalisedCNCalculate Curve Number for soil (HOST) and vegetation (LCM)...
RegionalisedCNdominantCalculate Curve Number for soil dominant classes (HOST) and...
ReturnPeriodCalculate return periods for PQ events
S1Data set: Table S1
SevernTSData set: SevernTS
SoilandVeg2CNSoil and Vegetation code to CN, and corrects it based on...
StDevBFIHOSTGenerate Base Flow Index (BFI) map from percentages of HOST...
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