Man pages for cwhd/hdm-r
Hierarchical Decision Making Process

calculateHDMWeightsCalculate the normalized weights for each node and add them...
childrenOrNothingIf a node has children return them, otherwise return nothing
disagreement.calculatePass in a list of experts and their final results, get back...
finalizeWeightsForNodeCalculate the weighted value for each node
getDbConnectionUtility to get a connection to a MongoDb
getExampleTreeGet an example tree to use as a model
getExpertEvaluationComboFramesGet the combo frames for an expert
getExpertEvaluationRollupGet all the expert results and roll them up for display
getExpertResultsAsTreeFromDbGet an expert's evaluation in tree form
getFullHDMModelFromDbGet a full HDM model with alternatives and experts
getInconsistencyListGet a list of data frames with experts and their...
getLastElementInPathGet the last element in a path string
getModelAsTreeWithAlternativesFromDbGet the model in tree form with Alternatives as the bottom...
getNodeNameGet the names of the nodes in a tree
getNodeNamesAtLevelReturn the names of nodes in a vector for the defined level
getNodesAtLevelGet all the nodes at a specified level in the tree
getUniqueChildCombinationsGet unique combinations for children of a node. If there are...
grid.uniqueCreate a unique comparison matrix
hdmrhdm HDM (Hierarchical Decision Making) Modeling for R
inconsistency.calculateCalculate inconsistency
loadAllModelsUtility to load all the models ids and names
loadHDMModelLoad a model from the DB
loadMyModelsFromDbLoad modelIds and names for a particular user.
loadResultsLoad expert evaluations from a MongoDB
matrix.buildFromComboFramesGiven a set of names and dataframes with evaluation data,...
matrix.calculateGiven a populated matrix, divide the comparisons against each...
normalizeValueForNodeCalculate weight for requested node
rebuildDataFrameForHDMTreeReturn a data.frame that can be converted to a tree with your...
saveHDMDataToMongoDbSave all data pertaining to the definition of a model to...
saveHdmEvaluationToDbSave an expert's evaluation to the DB
trimReturns string w/o leading or trailing whitespace
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