Man pages for cyrus-and/iq
I/Q file analysis toolkit

FrequencyScaleFrequency scale used to interpret the frequency bins
FromFileCreate a signal representation from a file
FromRawVectorCreate a signal representation from a raw vector of bytes
HammingHamming window function
HanningHanning window function
InPhaseIn-phase component of an I/Q sample
iq-packageI/Q file analysis toolkit
MagnitudeMagnitude of an I/Q sample
NormalizeRawSamplesNormalize raw samples
PhasePhase of an I/Q sample
PowerPower of an I/Q sample
QuadratureQuadrature component of an I/Q sample
RectangularRectangular window function
ResampleCreate a new signal by resampling a portion of another
SampleIndexAtTimeSample index at the given time instant
SampleIndexRangeExtract a range of sample indexes
SampleRangeExtract a range of the signal
SpectrogramCompute the spectrogram of the signal at the given time range
SpectrumCompute the power spectrum of the signal at the given time
TimeAtSampleIndexTime corresponding to the beginning of the given sample
ToFileWrite a signal representation to a file
TriangularTriangular window function
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