The goal of BrkbadWiki is to provide a "search engine" that gives detailed information about the characters and scenarios happened in the Breaking Bad (TV series)


You can install the released version of BrkbadWiki from Github with:

devtools::install_github("czhang2581/BrkbadWiki", build_vignettes = TRUE)


This is a basic example which shows you how to do some wiki search:

{r example} library(BrkbadWiki) option(5) characters("Walter White","Occupation") cast("Jesse Pinkman") death("random")


The option function allows the user to see the full character list. The output table will include some basic information about all the characters that appeared in the show. The characters function allows the user to search for the information they want to know about a character, like his or her occupation, status, the name of the actor or actress that portrayed this character, etc. If the user is particularly interested in one of the actors or actresses appeared in the show, he or she can use the cast function to search for some detailed information about that actor or actress. Last but not least, the death function allows the user to retrieve some information about the death scenarios that happened in the Breaking Bad.


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