Man pages for czigler/HEIfunctions
Functions for HEI Air pollution accountability grant

HEIfunctions-packageHEI grant functions
makephiProposes a reasonable value for range parameter
mergepredictionsMerge baseline predictions with original data
mvpsmodMultivariate linear spatial propensity score model.
mvpsmod_indMV linear model, cory edit.
mvpsmod_monoMV linear model, cory edit.
ozoneSEOzone in the Southeast
plotigammapriorVisualize inverse gamma prior
plotpsVisualize propensity score.
plot.psregressionPlotting function for Propensity Score Regression. function for propensity score spatial model
plot.spatpredmodelPlotting function for spatial predicitons.
pm10westPM10 in the West
principalstratmodFit principal stratification model
principalstratmod_monoFit principal stratification model
principalstratmod_monoindFit principal stratification model
psbayesBayesian propensity score regression
psregressionPropensity Score Regression
psspatmodelSpatial propensity score model
psspatmodelglmSpatial propensity score model for Poisson outcomes.
spatpredBaseline spatial prediction
summarizepsSummarize propensity score
summarypollutionSummarize pollution data
summary.psbayesSummary function for Bayesian propensity score regression.
summary.psregressionSummarize object of class psregression.
summary.spatpredmodelSummarize spatial prediction model
sum.missSummarize missingness.
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