Man pages for d-qn/tamMap
Convenience functions for geomapping Swiss data

cantonal_ch_federalBallotFederal ballot results by cantons
cantonal_ch_indicatorsSwiss cantonal indicators
communes_ch_federalBallotFederal ballot results by communes
communes_CH_indicatorsSwiss communes socio-demographic indicators
communes_CH_listHistorySwiss communes list & history
countryTranslationcountry translation
inlet_helpersConvenience functions to create an inlet zoom map
loadCommunesCHgeographicalLevelsSwiss communes geographical data
ofsPx_wrangleGet the French translation from an OFS typical px data file
processSwissCitiesMain Swiss cities as simple feature object
shp_pathReturn path to (mainly OFS) geospatial data
tam_CHnamesSwiss canton names
theme_mapggplot2 bare theme for map
tilemap_chTilemap Switzerland
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