Man pages for dSHARP-CMU/konigsbergr
Find Paths Through Bridges On A Map

base_konigsberg_graphCreate an intermediate graph representation of OSM data
bostonA small sample of OSM data from Boston, Massachusetts
bridge_filtersOSM Bridge filters
collect_edge_bundlesGet a list of edge lists that represent multi-edge bridges
get_osm_bboxDownload OSM data from a specified lon/lat bounding box
graph_to_sfConvert an igraph object with lon/lat attributes to an SF...
konigsberg_graphCreate a road and bridge network from OSM data
konigsbergr-packageFind Paths Through Bridges On A Map
pathway_to_sfCreate an sf object from a konigsberg path
plot_konigsberg_pathPlot a static visual of the Konigsberg pathway
select_main_componentKeep only the biggest connected component of a graph
simplify_konigsbergrSimplify a Konigsbergr Graph for Network Analysis
traverse_graphCalculate pathways across bridges
view_konigsberg_pathPlot bridge crossing pathway on a Leaflet map
way_filtersOSM Way filters
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