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Fantasy Football Analytics

analystOptionsAnalyst options for a period
analystPositionsAnalyst positions
analystsAnalyst data
avgValueCalculate average based on selected method
calcStdDevCalculate Standard Deviation
calculatePointsCaluclate fantasy points
calculateRiskRisk calculation based on to variables
calculateVorCalculate Value Over Replacement
clusterTierSet tiers based on clusters
confidenceIntervalCalculate confidence interval
ConstantsPackage Constants
createObjectCreate objects from list
dataGadgetGadget used to display results of scrape calculations
dataPeriod-classClass to represent the period for a datascrape
dataResult-classClass to represent scrape results
dropoffValueCalculate Dropoff value
ffanalyticsScraping and calculating data to use for fantasy football...
ffa.scoreThresholdDefault Scoring threshold for tiers
ffa.tierGroupsDefault number of tiers for clusters
ffa.vorAdjustmentDefault VOR Adjustments
ffa.vorBaselineDefault VOR Baseline
firstLastReverse Last and First Name
getAAVdataGet AAV data
getADPdataGet ADP data
getCBSValuesADP data from CBS
getESPNValuesADP and auction value data from ESPN
getFFCValuesADP data from
getMeltedDataMelt data into long form
getMFLValuesADP and auction value data from
getNFLValuesADP data from
getPlayerDataCombine MFL and NFL player data
getPlayerNameClean Player Data For Projections
getProjectionsCalculate Projected Points
getRanksExpert Consensus Rankings
getUrlsURLs to scrape
getYahooValuesADP and auction value data from Yahoo
mflPlayersRead MFL Player Data
nflPlayerDataPlayer Data from
periodType-dataPeriod-methodDetermine if period is a week or season
projectPointsCalculate points
readUrlRead data from a URL
redistributeValuesRedistribute values
replaceMissingDataFind replacement data for missing values
retrieveDataRetrive data from a source table
runScrapeScrape Projections
Run_ScrapeScrape gadget. Will be used as addin.
scoringRulesDefault scoring rules.
setTierSet tiers based on thresholds
sitesSite data
siteTablesTable information
siteUrlsURL information
sourceAnalyst-classClass to represent the source Analysts
sourceSite-classClass to represent source sites
sourceTable-classClass to represent a data table from a source site
tableColumnsConstants defining result columns
tableRowRemoveTable rows to remove
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