Man pages for dajmcdon/spasm
Implements the Laplace-Gaussian filter for sparse, additive, state-space models

fitted.sparseSplineExtract fitted values from a 'sparseSpline' object
generateSPASMGenerate data from an additive state space model
gradNegLCalculates the gradient of -l(x)
lgf1First order LGF
negHessLCalculates the negative Hessian of l(x)
negLCalculates negative l(x_t) up to an additive constant
posteriorPredictiveCalculates the convolution of two Gaussian distributions
predict.sparseSplineExtract fitted values from a 'sparseSpline' object
spamEstimates sparse (mulitivariate) additive model
spasmspasm: A package for implementing sparse additive state space...
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